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If you're in need of assistance to buy a home our credit program, Easy Qualifier and Extended Stay programs provide options to get you into your dream home.

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If you are an individual in need of a home loan or an investor that is looking for hard money options, we can provide the assistance you need.

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Working through our in house agents, if you are an individual/investor looking to purchase or list a property, we are able to assist in the process.

Your one stop shop for Home Buying solutions.

Your credit score is the most important three-digit number in your life.  Improving your credit can lead to savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of a mortgage.  In addition, a better credit profile can help you to receive better credit card rates and auto loans.

Sometimes though, life can get a little out of hand and you may fall behind in bills, run up a lot of debt, or make other mistakes that can ruin your credit score.  A bad credit report will raise your interest rates and make it even more difficult to catch up — that is where we come in.

Lockett-N-Homes offers a unique solution to today’s more challenging market in getting qualified to purchase a home.  We are dedicated to helping our clients who may have been denied approval for a home loan or feel they are not eligible to purchase, achieve the credit status necessary to take on home ownership in today’s harsh real estate and lending economy.

With a proven method of success our credit program, the Easier Qualifier (EQ) Program, is helping thousands of people everyday identify, understand, but most importantly educate our clients on what their current credit and financial status is and how we can assist with their goal of home ownership. Most importantly, the EQ Program will convey what can be done to get you exactly where you want to be, while one of our dedicated staff members actually performs those actions on your behalf! If you are looking to purchase a home, get that new car you deserve, or just want the security of knowing your credit score will not prevent you from having the things you want in life, the EQ Program is your means to achieve that goal.

Lockett-N-Homes prides itself in helping clients who have previously fell victim to foreclosure, filed bankruptcy, or any other financial hardship, re-establish themselves as a home owner.  Whether looking to purchase a home today or anytime in the future, our staff can put a plan together that works best for you.  Let us create a plan specific to your financial needs that is affordable and timely.  If you are looking to purchase a home in 2 months or 2 years, we can help.

Home Ownership is only a phone call away.  Don’t waste time wondering IF you can get approved, contact us and let us show you HOW you can get approved.