Get Started

Starting your path to home ownership is a simple 3 step process.  It is very important to know where you stand both financially, and with your credit scores.  When you fill out the New Client Application, we will identify what your current credit scores are.  If for any reason you have distressed credit and do not qualify, we will generate a personalized plan that will get you qualified in the time frame you are looking to purchase a home.

If you do not qualify for purchase, we recommend EQ Program enrollment. Once enrolled, our staff will get started right away on getting all accounts satisfied necessary for approval.  We will also provide the list of multiple homes available for purchase in your desired area.

Once all accounts outlined by our specialist have been satisfied, your account will be turned over to our preferred real estate agent and preferred loan officer.  We pride ourselves in partnering with local reputable and knowledgeable real estate agents and loan officers that are aware of your needs; and will work with the same enthusiasm on getting you into your home as the Lockett-N-Homes staff members.

For more information on how to get started, please contact us to get your questions answered.