Lockett-N-Homes has helped many customers throughout the years.  Below are some testimonials from just a few of our very satisfied customers.

The Oliver Family

Santa Clarita, CA

Hello friends my name is Mrs. Oliver. I am representing my family, and I am writing this public tribute for the incredible service our family received from Lockett-N-Homes. How do I begin to say thank you? First of all; when we came to Lockett-N-Homes we were in pretty sad shape. We had lost our home, had a loss of income because of a cut back and my beautiful Nephew was killed by a drunk driver; we thought every thing was against us. Well, that was not true. It was on a saturday afternoon that we walked into an open house in Santa Clarita, California; to dream of one day owning a home again. When I walked in I got tears in my eyes because I thought home ownership would never be possible for me or my family again. Coming from a family of home ownership, my heart was broken. Then this lady and man approached us, they introduced themselves as Sharon Neeley and Adonis Lockett from their company called Lockett-N-Homes. They seemed to be so incredibly confident and really knew their stuff.

We talked about the possibilities of home ownership, and how possible it could be for us I think I might have teared up again. I told them about my uneventful experience with Lexington Law and how much money I had spent and never getting anywhere at all. I liked these folks right away and my husband and I immediately signed up with Lockett-N-Homes in their E.Q. Program, and we were on our way. I never stopped believing they would be able to help us. We met on occasion at their Tarzana office, they kept in contact, holding our hands thru the entire process.

Well, Today was a fantastic day for us, I received a call from Sharon Neeley and she said the magic words YOU ARE PRE QUALIFIED!!!!!!! I screamed!!! Lockett-N-Homes brought my score from 482 to an amazing 620. That is 138 points WOW!!!!! And my husband’s credit score was 494 and now he is at 624 credit score. That is 130 points. I am forever thankful to Sharon and Adonis at Lockett-N-Homes because now our dreams will come true once again.

T Goynes

Ft. Worth, TX

My name is T. Goynes. I found Lockett-N-Homes via a sign on the corner in reference to an open house and thought I’d give them a call. I’d been working with a credit repair agency for a little over a year and my credit score wasn’t improving. I wanted to purchase a home but due to my sub-par credit I knew I would be unable to. I attended one of their open houses in Fort Worth, and after a lengthy conversation with them decided to give them a try. I was very impressed with their professionalism. They have literally held my hand and been at my beck and call every step of the way. With their assistance in helping me improve my credit score I have been pre-approved and I’m currently looking to purchase a home. The transparency of their service is so rare now a days, and it was refreshing to always know where I stood and how long before I would be eligible for pre-qualification. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to buy a home or improve their credit score.

Flora K

Cedar Hills, TX

My name is Flora K. I was referred to Lockett-N-Homes by a co-worker who used their service in the past, and they were able to improve her credit scores and get her prequalified. I have been trying to purchase a home for a long time due to my poor credit score. I didn’t think I would ever be a home owner until I called Lockett-N-Homes. These people are professional and they know what they doing. I qualified for the Extended Stay Program, and got the opportunity to move into one of the company homes in Cedar Hill while I was waiting for my credit scores to improve. Thank you to Sharon, Adonis, Samuel, Lola, and the entire staff for your hard work. I am very happy that I was I approved, and thank you guys very much for making this a possibility for me. My scores improved 79 points in 62 days, and now I am a home owner whoo. I will recommend Lockett-N-Homes for anyone who looking to purchase a home, or improving you credit scores

Stuart C

Ft. Worth, TX

I want to thank Lockett-N-Homes for helping me every step of the way with the purchase of the house. I was a bit skeptical when they told me about the purchase program and the different things they were able to do. When they told me I was going to pay less than $1K for a house, I said no way is that happening. Sure enough 3 weeks later I walked in to the closing with less than a thousand dollar check. Thank you to everyone in the office. You all made this a simple process and I appreciate how much attention the loan officer Sharon paid to my file during everything. You did exactly what you said you would and I will gladly recommend anyone to your company.

J Brummer

Encino, CA

I was referred to this company by my daughter who used their service before. She said they did a good job helping her get qualified to buy a house. I was only looking to improve my credit scores and didn’t really think their service applied to me. The gentleman I spoke to suggested their service would still be useful to me. My daughter said their service was good, but I made her explain in great detail how they helped her before I was ok with moving forward. I was surprised at how many simple things I could do to keep improving my scores. I really liked the fact they had a short term and long term plan for increasing my scores. Great service, nice people, and thanks to everyone.

Stacey V

San Diego, CA

We have been trying to purchase a house for quite some time. I was referred to Lockett-N-Homes from a family friend, and just as she explained to me, they are very professional and know a lot about credit. It has been about 2 months, and just as they suggested, my credit score has gone up over 40 points. It is really nice to know that there is a credit company that can deliver as they say they will. Also, the preferred loan officer and agent are the absolute best. This is truly the 1 place you have to go to get everything you need to purchase a house. The credit specialists are awesome, the loan officer Sharon is the best I have spoken to so far, and the agent is excellent. This was just an all around wonderful experience. I will be telling all of my friends and family about your service.

Julie + Orlando L

Lexington, KY

I actually spoke with a Lockett-N-Homes staff member several times before I started the process. I have used a credit repair company before, was enrolled for 9 months and nothing happened to my credit score. So to hear that Lockett-N-Homes could improve my scores in a matter of days seemed very far fetched to me. In either case the lady I spoke with seemed very knowledgeable about the process and answered my questions with a large amount of detail. I joined the program 3 months ago, and after checking my credit for the first time since then, my scores have gone up 56 points. I am really surprised at the results because we always hear about companies that have 100% gurantees but you never really receive anything except money down the drain. My scores are expected to increase another 64 points in the next 3 months and I want everyone at Lockett-N-Homes to know we really appreciate your business, and the fact you spent so much time with us, making sure we understood everything that we needed to do. You guys are awesome.

Chiquita V

Rowlett, TX

I was pre-approved by my lender to purchase a home in Nov. 2012. When I got ready to close on my dream home a collection company hit my credit report in Dec. 2012 without my knowledge. My credit score went down 31 points which meant my loan was denied. I was referred to Lockett-N-Homes to assist me to bring my credit score back up. Within 5 days I had my 31 points and back on the road to my dream home. Not only did he get my credit score back, Adonis provided me with additional knowledge on how to build my credit. Choosing Lockett-N-Homes will get you on the road to having control over your credit!

A Tucker + Family

San Fernando Valley, CA

They say purchasing a home is one of the most stressful and difficult things you will do in your life. When my wife and I set out to start the home buying process, it definitely proved to be a nightmare. People didn’t want to take the time to explain the intricacies of getting a pre-qualified, how to strengthen our DTI, or even what information we needed to collect so someone could give us an accurate assessment of the situation. That was until we met Adonis & Sharon from Lockett-N-Homes. Most people told us to fill out confusing survey’s online, but they invited us into a conference room, listened to our story, found out what we wanted, helped us figure out our goal, and finally pointed us in the right direction. When we left I assumed it would be hard to contact Adonis, but he followed up with us the following week to see if we had any questions. He provided us with his personal contact information and offered us the opportunity to call him any time. We did just that, the few times he was unable to answer, he returned calls in an extremely timely fashion. Just when we felt like buying a home was a lost cause we found Lockett-N-Homes. We would not be preparing to buy our first home without the knowledgeable, straight-forward, friendly service of Sharon and Adonis from Lockett-N-Homes.

D Butler

Ft. Worth, TX

When I called Lockett-N-Homes I honestly thought I would not be able to purchase. My credit was not half as bad as I thought it was, but I was concerned because I have never purchased a house and didn’t know anything about the process. Sharon and the rest of the staff made sure I understood everything. At times it would get frustrating because every time I thought things were done, more info was needed. Sharon was very patient in explaining everything to me, and I am happy that she took as much time as she did to educate me on this process. The down payment assistance / cash back program that Sharon gave me was very helpful in assisting with my closing costs. Thanks to Sharon and the entire staff for going above and beyond, I appreciate all the time and energy you have put into helping me with my first purchase.

L Smith

Arlington, TX

My experience with Lockett-N-Homes was very interesting. I met Adonis at the Arlington open house and explained to him that my situation would be difficult to get situated. He insisted that nothing was too big for the staff to handle. It took us several weeks to overcome the obstacles necessary to get cleared for qualification, but Sharon always kept me motivated and on track. It’s funny because even after several times of getting discouraged because of how difficult things became at time, Adonis would not let me give up. He was insisitve that we could make this deal happen, and just like he said, after 7 weeks we finally got teh approval. I couldn’t even keep up with Sharon. Every time I sent something over she was already on the next step pushing things along. I don’t think I have ever worked with a more knowledgeable and more dedicated group of people than the Lockett-N-Homes staff. It was a long journey but I really thank Sharon for making this loan happen in less than 3 weeks with funds towards my closing cost, and Adonis for not letting me give up on getting qualified. You guys are swesome. I am now the owner of the Arlington house……whoo hoo!

James C

Keller, TX

I remember seeing the hand written sign about a house for sale and thought “that’s a strange way to market a house” but I was interested in the service. I called to ask about everything and the staff was very informing and detailed on how they would be able to help me. Adonis and Patty worked with me almost on a daily bases to make sure my scores were in order to get qualified. Adonis always made sure we knew what the next steps were, and was able to get my score up 17 points in 11 days. The loan officer was the absolute best by giving me a 3.75% interest rate and $1700 towards my closing costs. Sharon was very thorough and explained the whole process. The staff there is so awesome and I recomend anyone to this company. I purchased one of their homes and they helped me every step of the way. I appreciate each and every one of the staff members there. Keep helping people the way you have helped me. My picture is the actual house I purchased from Lockett-N-Homes 🙂

Tim + Eleanor M

Arlington, TX

On my way home leaving a friends’ house I saw a bootleg sign on the corner that said ‘buy a home – fix credit’, something like that which caught my attention. I wrote down the number and when I called I got the information about a home for sale. 

When I arrived, there so many people but one of the staff members approached me and we talked a bit and she made me feel very comfortable. I told her our story and she really encouraged me to at least let them, Lockett-N-Homes, take a look at our credit scores because she was so sure they could help us. 

Before I left, I met Adonis and he was articulate and casual and very encouraging. So I took the plunge. After my scores came back Adonis introduced me to Sharon who walked me through the process, and was very sensitive to me while I was still unsure about what lied ahead. After I received the qualification letter Sharon called me and kept me informed of the progress. They did their part and now I had my part to do. Over a few weeks together we brought my debt down to the set amounts and my scores went soaring – up 81 points!

Now we will meet with the agent and start looking for our dream home!!! Thank you Lockett-N-Homes for making our dream come true!!

F Rios + Family

Ft. Worth, TX

Thank you so much to Lockett-N-Homes. The extended stay program was perfect for me and my family. We didn’t like to rent and we needed more space right away. We moved into our home for the 2 months your company worked on my credit, and everyone was so helpful. The loan officer really made sure we understand everything, and she went out of her way to answer all my questions. Your company is awesome and thank you for the program.

M Black

Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for helping us get approved. My Husband and I were both downsized from a company that we have worked with for over 15 years and we were forced to take a large pay decrease with a competing company that we are now working for. We are both grateful to have a place to work and even though we have years of experience in our field we were forced to take an introductory position and the income that goes with it. Unfortunately, all of our bills were based on our former income and we were very close to filing bankruptcy until a good friend of ours referred us to your company. Your company helped us satisfy multiple collection accounts that were hurting our scores. After completing the program we were able to refinance and decreased our monthly payments from $1280/month to less than $1000/month. We are now able to continue putting away money for retirement. Thank you so much for your help.

S Taylor

Hawthorne, CA

Credit has recently been my biggest issue. I’ve worked with countless companies spending my money for these companies to so called help me rebuild my credit and increase my credit score. In the end of dealing with them, I was $800 down the drain and nothing had been done to my credit besides what I could have done on the computer myself. Then I met Adonis from Lockett-N-Homes, he walked me through my credit report explaining the steps that will be taken to increase my score, as well as what I can do to continue maintaining and improving my scores. In 17 Days my credit score increased 30pts. I can now start the process to purchasing a house. I’d definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a genuine legitimate credit servicing company.

V Jones

North Hollywood, CA

From the moment a friend made me aware of Lockett-N-Homes services, I have been excited about becoming a homeowner again. The level of professionalism and knowledge of the team is superior in their field. I’m estatic to say I thought this process would take one to two years, but in less than 90 days Lockett-N-Homes has successfully assisted me in elevating my credit score 71 points, to a level of home loan qualification eligibility! I’m looking forward to completing my home loan purchase with their team.