Credit (EQ) Program

The EQ (Easy Qualifier) Program is a proven system that can help just about anyone realize the dream of home ownership. If you have been a victim of bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, or have distressed credit from any other act that may have damaged your scores, you still may be among the millions of people who qualify for a home loan, but just don’t know it.

The EQ Program is not a one size fits all concept. Upon enrolling in the program LockettNHomes will:

  • Develop a personalized plan for home loan qualification
  • Satisfy specific items on credit report preventing approval
  • Evaluate debt ratios for maximum approval amount
  • Educate on loan approval & home buying process

The EQ Program will also identify where you currently stand in regards to getting a home loan. Based on the timeframe you would like to become a home owner, a plan will be put together that allows you to establish yourself financially, achieve the necessary credit score to get you pre-qualified, and find the house that fits you and your family.

The benefits of participating in the EQ program does not end with just home ownership. This program will also educate the buyer on the do’s and don’ts for purchasing a home, how to identify the true value of a house, how to use basic day to day expenses such as your electricity and water bill to actually INCREASE your credit score, and so much more!

With your enrollment in the EQ Program, you may also qualify for several different down payment assistance programs.

For more information about the EQ Program, or to speak to a sales agent that can provide more information, please contact us to get your questions answered.