Financial Consultation

We’d like to extend our personalized service with a FREE Financial Consultation from our financial professionals; generated specifically to your personal financial dreams.

Just like how we generated a personalized plan of action for your credit repair, and home buying needs, Lockett-N-Homes mission is to provide unique solutions to today’s struggling financial market.

What does a free Financial Consultation entail? We will provide financial guidance in the following:

Cash Flow

Debt Management
Assets Accumulation

Emergency Fund

Estate Preservation
College Fund


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According the U.S. Census Bureau, 40% of Americans are NOT saving for their retirement and the ones that are only retire with an average savings of $35,000 TOTAL! A fraction of where it should be.

With a mass majority of Americans without a strong pension plan, with the increasing depletion of Social Security, and the significant downfall of the stock market occurring twice within 10 years, many believe their financial dreams are no longer obtainable but at Lockett-N-Homes we know that’s true. We know exactly how to strengthen your financial situation and secure your future.

With a free financial protection strategy with a financial professional you can secure ALL areas of your future and have a clear path to HOW you will reach your financial goals and WHEN you can expect to get there.

Rest easy knowing that your financial future is within reach!

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*Lockett-N-Homes is partnered with Revolution Financial Management. Important Disclosures.