Extended Stay Program

The Extended Stay Program is our latest and most popular program to date. While our team of dedicated staff work tirelessly to get our clients approved as quickly and efficiently as possible, we can now move families into the home of their dreams WHILE WE WORK ON YOUR ACCOUNT! That’s right! You can actually move into a company owned home while we get you approval ready! Once you are qualified, we start the process for you to actually purchase the home that you will be currently living in.

  • Live in house you will purchase while we get you approved
  • Monthly payments deducted from purchase price
  • Occupy home until your bankruptcy or foreclosure clears

BANKRUPTYCY or FORECLOSURE? NO PROBLEM! The Extended Stay Program is the ideal program for anyone who has succumb to foreclosure or bankruptcy. Today’s guidelines state that anyone who has a foreclosure over 3 years old can qualify to purchase a home. In addition, anyone who has filed bankruptcy over 2 years ago may also qualify. At LockettNHomes, we don’t want you spending precious time waiting. If you are within the last 3 months of clearing 3 years of foreclosure, or 2 years since filing bankruptcy, you may qualify for this program!

Once a client has qualified for the Extended Stay Program, selected and taken possession of that special home, we will actually take a percentage of your monthly payment and apply it to the purchase price. For the duration of your tenancy in any home offered through the Extended Stay Program, each monthly payment will actually reduce the sales price of that home. What better way to take on home ownership by living in the home you are planning to purchase, while we work on getting you qualified!

When the statue of limitations (the time frame a foreclosure or bankruptcy prevents your ability to be approved for home loan) clears, we can have you qualified and ready for purchase immediately.

The Extended Stay Program is not a one size fits all concept. Similar to the EQ Program, this is customized to fit the specific needs of each client. Contact us and let us help you claim home ownership today!